TOPAME is the fastest and easiest solution
to optimize your seaway.

The TOPAME APP allows you to get an optimized seaway to reduce fuel consumption and travel time. Based on oceanographic data resolution, the TOPAME algorithms create shipping routes in a simple, instant and OFFLINE mode.

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Our mission

Optimize routes for any type of marine vessel, helping to reduce fuel consumption and travel time.

Our vision

Optimize resources in the maritime sector, promoting SEA ECONOMY and decreasing ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT.

Our commitment

Strong commitment to excellence and innovation.


TOPAME is the solution capable of defining routes instantly with the aim of
reduce fuel consumption and reduce journey times in nautical vessels.

  • Route optimization with high-resolution data

  • Creating instant route

  • Reduction of fuel consumption by 5%

  • Reduction of travel time

  • Use of the APP in OFFLINE mode

  • Navigation algorithms designed by TOPAME

  • Daily update of oceanographic data

  • Forecast oceanographic conditions up to 3 days


Service available still only for Mainland Portugal.
Try it now FREE for 2 months without commitment.

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